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Foto: Nils Hasenau
Foto: Nils Hasenau

Since 2005, I am working in Berlin at the intersection of politics, business and communications – both in consulting and as an inhouse lobbyist.

I focus on topics such as tech policy, digital public affairs, public diplomacy and think tanks and have published in numerous papers such as Handelsblatt, Die Zeit, Berliner Republik and Gruenderszene. In 2016, I was named one of the most important stakeholders
in tech policy in the category “Experts, Blogger and Consultants” by the
political magazine politik&kommunikation.

Among other things, I am a member of the German Association of Political Consultants and a member of the advisory board of Wirtschaftspolitischen Club Deutschland. I also volunteer as a mentor for MentorMe, a network which promotes young women in business.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Xing and LinkedIn.

Foto: Nils Hasenau

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